Escaping My Enclosure

I have looked forward to my first walk since the surgery with delight. We often walk in the local park to escape our apartment and the trials of the day. So I dreaded being stuck inside while I recovered.

Ducks on our local park lake in Lyon

Ducks on our local park lake in Lyon

I was not disappointed by my first slow, and a touch uncomfortable, walk yesterday evening. The rain had just stopped when we stepped outside and the light was fading. It made for a magical environment and a near deserted park. Only a few runners looping the edge shared the quiet paths with us.

Lamp posts and trees in our local park.

Lamp posts and trees in our local park.


Thank you for your support and concern; it helped more than you might imagine.

I am back from surgery and recovering nicely at home. Megan is looking after me and doing her best to keep me from injuring myself. If anyone deserves sympathy it is Megan.

This morning I discovered I have metal staples in my stomach holding me together. Not sure how to feel about that. A mixture of impressive and horrifying comes to mind.

I continue to be in awe of the French health care system. We have been helped through every stage by caring and considerate medical staff.

It is still less than 48 hours since I went into surgery. Since then I have checked in new code – with unit tests, helped customers with queries, and am resting enough to keep Megan sane.

It is going to be a little while before I am back to full strength but I will make sure that time is as short as possible.

More Mobile

Yesterday, I rolled out a new style for Megan’s English teaching web site, The English Space. The new style offers better support for mobile and tablet computer users.

Daffodils in Lyon's main park.

Daffodils in Lyon’s main park.

The English Space is now based on Bootstrap and is more responsive to screen size than ever before. Through our visitor analytics we noticed that the average screen size is surprisingly small and this change should help those visitors.

The English Space continues to grow and attracts an amazing number of people each month.

A Hint of Spring

First spring flowers poke through the grass

First spring flowers poke through the grass

The first spring bulbs are starting to appear in the Parc de la Tete d’Or.

Birdsong and Snow

There have been a couple of mornings recently when I have woken to birds singing. It is still dark out, with hours to go before the sun eventually comes up, but somewhere out there, the little birds are singing away.

I presume this is a sign that spring is on the way. It’s an odd thought, as it has coincided with weather that epitomises winter for me: snow. It hasn’t been heavy snow; it left barely a sprinkling on the ground. But, it fell frequently for consecutive days. Each time I looked out the window, there was a good chance I’d see the white flakes drifting down.

Snow-dusted rooftops

Snow-dusted rooftops

We had heavier snow falls earlier in the season, where the snow blanketed the ground, and took days to finally melt away. They were exciting, but seeing snow fall day after day reminds me that I now live somewhere where it snows in winter.