Most Registered Civil Celebrants in SA, Australia

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Data copyright, official list of celebrants.

This map shows most registered Civil Celebrants in South Australia (SA), Australia. Each celebrant is displayed as a marker on the map. There are 441 celebrants to choose from.


Mash-up created by Graham Miln, March 2009, for non-commercial use only.

I put these maps together to help find a celebrant for my wedding. I found them useful and believe others will as well. Organising a wedding should be simple and fun. I hope these maps help remove a little stress from your day.

These maps make no money and have no affiliations with anyone. They are provided as is without warrenty of accuracy or correctness.

Most celebrants are displayed; a few originally had malformed addresses that Google's geo-coder gave up on and others might be missing due to bugs in my perl code. Get in touch if you know of someone who is missing, but is on the official register.

Thanks to ACME Labs for sharing their Clusterer code.

If you need to contact me, please do so via

Updated April 2009 with redactions in 2016.