Changing Leaves

The trees in our nearby park are changing; their vibrant greens slowly being replaced by the reds and yellows of autumn.

I’ve been admiring this progression during my morning runs for the past few weeks, even though it is barely light enough to see. Each week, I expect to find the trees suddenly bare, but they are just getting more and more colourful.

Last weekend, a warm, sunny day provided an irresistible opportunity to go for a walk and take some photos.

Enjoying the autumn sunshine
Enjoying the autumn sunshine
This tree seems to glow in the sun
This tree seems to glow in the sun
A carpet of leaves
A carpet of leaves

Finding the Bees in Manchester

If you wander around Manchester, you will see bees everywhere. The worker bee is a symbol of Manchester, and it adorns their public buildings, bins, and bollards.

Our visit to Manchester turned into a treasure hunt for bees. It started at the town hall. I saw a TV programme a while ago which showed the mosaic bees on the floor of Manchester’s town hall, and when we decided to visit the city, it was the first thing that went on my to-see list.

Floor of Manchester town hall A closer look at the town hall floor Public bin in Manchester Bee carved into stonework of a building Manchester's worker bee Bees in the crest of the Corn Exchange Metalwork bee Bee motif on a traffic bollard Planter box in Manchester

From there, I was curious to see how many other bees we could spot around the city. Some were obvious, like those decorating the many public bins. Others were more discreet, hiding within emblems or carved into the stonework of buildings.

Watch the video.

Manchester’s Libraries

Libraries are not generally what you’d consider tourist attractions. So, it surprised me to realise that we had visited four libraries during our three-day visit to Manchester.

Portico Library

Labelled bookshelves in Portico Library Glass roof of Portico Library Portico Library
The Portico Library is a tiny, glass-domed reading room, with book-lined walls. It was established in 1806, and I can imagine gentlemen of the day discussing business and politics in deep armchairs. The centre of the room is now crowded with display cases and cafe tables, which hides some of the grandeur of the space.

John Rylands Library

John Rylands Library Building Main Staircase in John Rylands Library John Rylands Library Main Hall
The John Rylands Library is magnificent and surreal. It looks like a gothic cathedral, and it is so unexpected that it feels like an elaborate movie set.

If your things-to-see list only has space for one library, this is the one to visit.

Central Library

Manchester Central Library Building Books line the circular walls of the Central Library reading room Exquisite clock in the centre of the reading room
The Central Library is a public lending library. The impressive, circular building tempted us in, and the modern renovation within was even more impressive. Along with the modern facilities, they have preserved some of the old features of the building; the domed reading room is exquisite.

Chetham’s Library

Grounds of Chetham's Music School Chained books in Chetham's Library Dark wood bookcases in Chetham's Library
Chetham’s Library is another tiny library, tucked away in the grounds of Chetham’s School of Music. The dark wood-panelled bookshelves open up into a room where Karl Marx once studied.